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Instrument Details

cr3000 Data is recorded by a Campbell Scientific Inc. data logger, model CR3000. The datalogger is connected to lab computers via internet.

The CR3000 Micrologger is a self-contained, rugged datalogger that can measure most sensor types directly, communicate via modems, control external devices, and store both data and programs in either non-volatile Flash memory or battery-backed SRAM.

More information about the datalogger can be found at here.

radiation Radiation - measured using four-sensor net radiometer, manufactured by the Kipp and Zonen, model CNR1. The radiometer measures the energy balance between incoming short-wave and long-wave radiation versus surface reflected shortwave and outgoing longwave radiation. The CNR1 also includes a sensor to measure the radiometer's internal temperature and a heater that is used to prevent condensation.

More information about the CNR1 net radiometer can be found here.

air tempAir temperature and relative humidity are measured using Vaisala RH and Temperature Probe, model HMP45C. Probe is covered with a radiation shield. The probe uses a capacitive polymer H chip to measure RH and a PRT to measure temperature.

More information about the HMP45C can be found here.

air tempWindspeed and wind direction are measured using R.M. Young Wind Monitor, model 05103. The wind speed sensor is a helicoid-shaped, four-blade propeller-type, anemometer, with fuselage and tail wind vane.

More information about the R.M. Young Wind Monitor can be found here.

air tempPrecipitation is measured by a R.M. Young Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge, model 52202, which meets the specifications of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). It is heated for operation in cold temperatures.

More information about the R.M. Young Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge can be found here

air tempAtmospheric pressure is measured by R.M. Young Barometric Pressure Sensor, model 61205.

More information about the R.M. Young Barometric Pressure Sensor can be found here